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Karen Stokes Dance



Karen Stokes Dance (formerly Travesty Dance Group) has performed 6 original evening lengths and over 25 repertory works by Karen Stokes in the last 12 years. Stokes’ choreography ranges in theatricality, often blending text, song, and dance to create works that touch on human themes of humor, loss, and community. The company is known for taking delight in quirky athletic movement, rhythmic body percussion, joyful abandon, and strong musicality. This company resonates with dance experts and newcomers alike! Karen Stokes Dance has been a non-profit since 2002.

2011 - 2012 Season

The Secondary Colors”: An evening length collaboration between Karen Stokes and composer Bill Ryan, premiering October 20-22 2011 at Zilkha Hall, Hobby Center.

Framing Dance, A Discovery Series”: January 31-February 2 2012: KSD presents their student show Framing Dance at the Zilkha Hall.

What the critics say:

“Normally an artist is careful to avoid recycling ideas. With The Recycle Club, Karen Stokes reclaimed her own. All was sorted and in the right bins for an evening teeming with clever fun.”Dance Source Houston 2009

“Karen Stokes’ Prelude to Three Temperaments blasts open the quirky world of human gesture . . . the piece plays like a careful study of eccentricity – charming, deep with delight, and elegantly rendered by these three diverse movers.”Dance Source Houston 2007

“Karen Stokes is down with a video camera, is a wiz at Home Economics (check out those cool, grunge Renaissance Faire gowns and corsets in Distreston), loves to sing in a Laurie Anderson kind of way, and has more quirky moves than a guilty student caught by the principal . . . she is ripe with fun . . . the evening passed by in a blink, which says something lovely about the pleasantness of the enterprise.”Dance Source Houston 2008

For more information please see www.tdghouston.info.