Discovery Series


The Discovery Series is the cornerstone program for accomplishing the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts goal of being an active community partner with regional school districts. Through this series we provide an everlasting impression on the lives of children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a "theater experience" at a world class facility with first class performers. The series highlights classroom supported arts discovery, interactive sing along, music, dance and audience Q&A from Houston-based performers such as: Ars Lyrica, Hope Stone Dance, Karen Stokes Dance, Musiqa and Main Street Theater. All performances are held in Zilkha Hall which has a seating capacity of 500 and is equipped with superior acoustics, lighting, technology, and a state-of-the-art stage. The 2016-2017 Discovery Series served over 15,000 students. Due to generous supporters, the Hobby Center is able to offer these performances free of charge to the students including subsidies for bus transportation.

The Discovery Series is a touchstone for today's students and tomorrow's performers, audience members and "arts hounds." How do our children benefit? Let these educators tell you:

Going to a venue such as the Hobby Center to experience a live performance with professional artists is what I think the most important aspect of this program is. Many of our students come from families in which both parents work and have little or no time for other activities. For most of my students, this was the first time they have ever experienced something like this.

With the focus being on academics in our public schools and budget cuts, I believe this type of program is extremely beneficial to maintain a well-rounded education for our students. The arts are usually neglected and in many cases abandoned. I thank you for this wonderful opportunity and wish that we can continue to enjoy programs like Around the World with Musiqa for future generations.

Experiences like being part of Musiqa is what makes our students appreciate the individual talent others have.

I thought it was a very unique experience for our students. Many of them had never been to a theater before so this will be an event they will never forget. I had a lot of feedback from the students of how they loved to sing along and be an active participant in the production.

I hope I can continue to bring students to this production year after year.

We would appreciate your support for this program. For further information and to reserve tickets, please contact Judi Stallings at 713.315.2412 or e-mail

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